Monday, September 7, 2009

Putting the Act Together

After speaking with Howard Hamburg I'm getting off my large rear end. The line-up for tricks, so far will be:

Triumph Aces

Illogical Puzzle

A Chinese Classic (not filmed yet, but if you're familiar with the third trick in the Vernon Book of Magic, this version is sneakier)

One more coin trick yet to be chosen and . . .

The Fun Shop Cups and Balls.

I did them all in a row . . . It was not pretty. It was too short. I am contemplating NOT performing at the Castle. But . . . I will trudge on. These four tricks comprise the backbone of the show. Some may stay some may go, but I'm goin' to L.A. someday.

Once I actually have seventeen minutes I'll post the entire sequence. I'll have to comb my hair and put on a clean shirt. I tend to practice to a point where disheveled doesn't even start to describe my appearance.


  1. you should definitely work the castle. I am sure you can get the material in order. Especially if there is a coin trick as yet unchosen, I'm sure you have the material to do it.

    What are you thinking about for the second coin effect?

    You could also create a through-line effect to incorporate into the end of the cups an balls and that would add a minute here and there throughout the act.

  2. Mike,

    I'm stuck. I think I may produce the six coins from a bagless purse and vanish them all at the end. Don't know. I hate routining