Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In the past three weeks I've seen three great lectures. I was in business in Phoenix and my buddy Steve Ehlers was lecturing! Happinstance, gotta love it. I got to do the cups routine in front of a live audience without my security-blanket table. I learned that as long as the table's lower than mine, I'm fine. Good to know.

Steve has wonderful presentations matched up to some very difficult sleight-of-hand. It was a joy to see him perform. I was humbled by his expertise and personality.

The next week Daryl was in town, here in the Bay Area. He is so dynamic and engaging I wanted to hug him. He doesn't know me and it would've creeped him out. There's all those restraining orders, so I figured I'd just tell him I he rocked.

Just last night Shoot Ogawa was in Palo Alto. There's a magic club five miles from my door, who knew? I saw a bunch of the magicians from The Magic Garage and the San Jose club I frequent. The titular leader of the San Jose crowd is Dr. Kim Silverman. He has long-flowing white hair and a full beard. He looks every part the wizard. Every time I see Kim perform I know he has presenational abilities, to which, I can only aspire.

Shoot was . . . freakin' Shoot Ogawa. I learned some stuff! I will go to his website and spend some dough. I never carry cash. His work with wands, thimbles and rope was truly magical. The card effects he did fooled and entertained me. I had only seen him on the Kohler-produced DVDs. Those DVDs only hinted at how good he is in person. I am now a huge fan of Shoot Ogawa.

None of these events advanced my seventeen minutes. I cannot do the routines of other performers. I have been inspired to work on: scripting, presentation and above all, by Daryl, to lighten up a bit and have fun.

Daryl, Steve Ehlers and Shoot Ogawa; if you ever have a chance to see these guys perform or lecture, don't miss it.



  1. Kent:
    I saw Shoot perform his Ninja Rings at Boomer's in LV one Wednesday night. He mesmerized the group to the point where, when Lance Burton walked in, the group looked at Lance, said "hi," and promptly went right back to watching Shoot perform.

    The only other person I've seen handle the rings that flawlessly is Chris Capehart.

  2. Shoot is . . .

    From another freakin' planet.