Sunday, September 6, 2009

Howard Hamburg

At the second Golden Gate Gathering, a charming guy, about my age showed up. He fooled the living SNOT out of every magician present. His name is Howard Hamburg. I'm no talent agent, but I can recognize greatness. The staff of the GGG asked Howard to return the next year and lecture for us.

Howard's lecture was a huge smash. He sold out of his lecture notes in about ten minutes. Howard has been a denizen of the Magic Castle for decades. He was a close personal friend of Dai Vernon. Howard shared some incredible stories about the professor with us. He was the highlight of this year's GGG.

The world-renowned Card Experts Dave and Dan Buck were also in attendance. They've just released Howard's revised notes from the third GGG. They're available via all the channels. Magicians - go get you some!

I shared my dream of performing at the castle with Howard. He told me, (perhaps because I'd just handed him his speaking fee in cash!) I was good enough for the castle. The figure of seventeen minutes came from Howard. I called him up, just today, for some help putting an act together. Perhaps with his insight I can make some real progress. I've only got thirteen minutes to go.

Now go spend a few bucks on Howard's notes. You'll be glad you did.


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