Sunday, June 26, 2011



I've rambled on elsewhere on-line about how the Golden Gate Gathering went this year. If'n you're into magic, please check my ramblings on the Genii Forum. It's where I do the least damage.

Spent yesterday hanging out with one of my favorite magic buddies, Steve Johnson. He and his parents run Grand Illusions. It's a magic shop just outside of Sacramento. Steve and I mostly just played guitar. Gotta have more than one hobby.

I've abandoned the idea of trying to bust in on the castle or compete at magic conventions. I think I'm supposed to run the GGG and do magic for those unfortunate enough to collide with me.

The dream hasn't died. I'm just sharpening my view.

Huge props to Paul Vigil, Bob White, Jared Kopf and Bradley Morgan. Paul graced the GGG with his full evening show. It was . . . it was magical! Steve Mayhew . . . gotta give that guy a hug, or get one.

Bob White stole the show on every level. He's a force for greatness in magic. His pal from Dallas, Jared Kopf became a fast friend of mine all so very quickly. Brad . . . dude, you've a friend for life.

I love magic. The Gathering allows me to meet others in magic. It allows my little circle of friends in magic grow a smidgen each year.

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