Monday, May 16, 2011

Show, I got to do a show!

After firming up Seventeen minutes and getting it on tape I just got a chance to actually perform a good-sized chunk of it for some real people.

Joe Caffal of the local magic club performs at the local VA hospital on occasion. I've been trying to hook up with him for awhile. Well . . . today he and I did a show for some veterans at the hospital. We followed a lady giving Tai Chi lessons. That added to the surreal nature of the day.

I drove down from Belmont to San Jose. I was nervous and a little giddy before going on. Joe was very professional and smooth. I could tell he'd done his act for a long time. He really is quite proficient. I really enjoyed watching his act.

I managed to bust out my Sam the Bellhop, Vernon's Cutting the Aces and the Fun Shop Cups and Balls. I went almost 14 minutes. The Card tricks were wearing thin, I could tell. The story trick probably went over the best of the three effects.

I was no where near smooth enough for the Magic Castle but it was a damned fine signpost along the way.

Thanks Joe! I really enjoyed watching you perform most of all!


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