Thursday, March 10, 2011

Magic Lectures

Saw a lecture at the San Jose magic club last night. Wayne Houchin, a home-grown California magician dazzled the crowd.

I believe Wayne is far better known among the young magician set. He's released some very original effects on DVD. I'd seen the ads in the magic magazines, but I'd never seen his stuff. The material was excellent and his performance style was top-notch.

Polished and professional, funny and warm, this young man has it all.

He spoke about success in the second half of his lecture. It was warm-hearted and obviously very genuine. He also discussed Juan Tamariz' "Crossing the Gaze" concept with an application in a torn and restored card routine that fooled the snot out of me.

It was truly inspiring to see such a talented performer and lecturer. All the folks who decry the decline of magic need not worry. Wayne's looking after magic. Magic is just fine.


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