Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two things

Darn it,

I've been playing with Glenn Bishop again. I went over the top and was chastised by the denizens of the Genii forum. I liked one post. It's out of context, but . . .


You did a nice job with the blog. That was thoughtful and kind.

But, putting that much stupid in a single, place, unbounded by reason and bereft of the balancing voice of reality could well corrupt the magic universe as we know it. I fear you may have actually created a Pandora's box of self-serving, mawkish tripe. Concentrated stupid is one of the most dangerous elements in the universe. I've had to run down Glenn's published documents and perform ritual purging ceremonies to keep the balance of good and evil in the universe.

I like your reckless sense of abandon though. Luckily Glenn doesn't even recognize the power of his own evil genius. This makes his abilities all the more dangerous though. Luckily, members of the STETIG* committee are ever vigilant, ever watchful.

We have T-shirts made up, I'll gladly send you one.

KG - Or as I'm know at STETIG meetings . . .


*Supress The Evil That is Glenn

I didn't think I'd been that mean. If you'd waded through the pages of banal tripe uncle Glenn had spewed, you'd have written something even meaner.

The entire line 'o' drivel is here:


Whew, with that out of the way. I've been whining about not having enough material. Some damn kid, via the internet added up the times on my youtube page and wrote:

"Mr. Gunn, I count way more than seventeen minutes of tricks on your YouTube site. Couldn't you do some card tricks from there and finish with the cups? "

Am I a moron, or what. How freakin' hard was that to figure out?


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