Saturday, November 7, 2009

Magic in Albuquerque

Wow, nice town!

There is a great magic shop in Albuquerque. The proprietors are a very nice married couple. They've let me hang out in their shop entirely too much. The regular assortment of young pierced magicians wander through. I get to hang out and talk card tricks with a small but widening circle.

Magic is a great hobby and social outlet. It's held me in some pretty wacky and entertaining company over the years. When you're on your next business trip you could do far worse than checking out the local magic scene. I even happened to be in town for the local IBM meeting. I saw some magic and got to learn all about magnets! Okay the magnet lecture didn't help me much but the guy was passionate about magnets.

The fine folks at The Magic and Juggling Shop will probably have to endure me, again, today. They probably don't hate me. I've bought a lot of cards in there already.


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